Selin Davasse: 

The Seraph and The Oracle


The Seraph and The Oracle is an intimate performance evoking a moist dreamscape of Istanbul’s herstorical peninsula from inside a soft, voluptuous, feminine body. The performance reimagines the Seraph of Hagia Sophia and the Oracle of Delphi as lustful brunettes from the city with ever so many deadnames; who narrate in verse, song and rap, a sibylline assortment of past and future affairs that come to a leg-shaking climax with the fall of the patriarchy. The musky-scented evening hides many surprises under her clitoral hood: an interactive oracular procedure with offerings of Lila Steinkampf’s sweet edible sculptures; Lugh O’Neill’s sizzling, slithering, swallowing soundscapes and compositions reworking folk melodies from Thrace, mixed live each evening by Mads Kristian Frøslev; and lush garments by Maldoror and Olivia Ballard that tastefully flirt with Hellenic and Orthodox Christian references.