Jos McKain and Makode Linde: 

Maximum Karnage

Next Waves Theater #7

THE MAX KARNAGE SHOW (aka MAXIMUM KARNAGE) is a superlative feedstream avatar from somewhere not now. Something of all types of talking heads, MAX was created for your feedstream as a vehicle that fetishizes post-apocalyptic nostalgia for the pre-apocalyptic Internet media of the early 21st century.

Before the massive social upheavals of the Aquarian age, before first contact, before singularity, before fractured reality, before post-truth, y’know the good old days. MAX’S use of kayfabe satirizes the opportunistic notification fatigue of the year 2020. Because in hindsight everything is 20/20.

MAXIMUM KARNAGE is an integrative hybrid talk show format utilizing sporty political techniques to address anti-racist vigilance in the theatrical world. Using early meme culture the appisode / s is / are structured to reflect the digestible trauma of the notification media. Engaging with the apocalypse of here and now.


Concept, Direction & Performance:

Jos McKain

Production, Graphics, Editing & Performance:

Makode Linde

Additional Production:

Michael Ladner


Catalogue of Disguise/Tanja Baumbach

Additional Music:

Harman Holiday

Additional Thanks to

Brian Jordan Alvarez, Patty Kim, and Jill Stein

Produced by VOLKSBÜHNE BERLIN in collaboration with the NEMETSCHEK FOUNDATION for the Series ‘Armen Avanessian and Enemies’ at the ROTER SALON.