Alexander Fahima: 

on reading #foucault’s #lusagedesplaisirs feat. a very slow #bohemianrhapsodyremix [aka The Rules of Attraction, opéra concrète]

Next Waves Theater #18

We recommend to set the quality from auto to 1080p when watching the video.

- A bunch of friends spend the night together

- From the beginning at 9.30 p.m. to 12.30 p.m. the next morning all guests independently stream footage with their smartphones from their very personal perspectives

- The complete opera cycle “Der Ring des Nibelungen” by RICHARD WAGNER will be heard in the stream as the only audio track, including a subtitling of the 9,000 lines in an English translation from 1896

- Actions of the opera are linked with the events at the party by live direction

This opéra concrète grants you entry to a slippery audiovisual territory. Here a group of friends is invited to squat RICHARD WAGNER’S monument erected out of vibrations and words. Freely navigating the open field of a house party, each guest captures a fragment of shared experience through the lens of their smartphones that is short-circuited in real-time with WAGNER’S music and libretto in a 14-hour live stream. Building a disorientating infra-world of queer joy, desire and excess within a sonic-dramatic construction, this experience constitutes a non-narrative, group-determined, self-making opera with its own collective agency. Cruising alongside WAGNER’S compositional technique of the ‘endless melody’, it exhausts pre-sculpted attentional forms and expands the horizon on energetic expressions. By flooding unforeseeable, corporeal, real life pleasures over a vast opera with immense range and complexity, it liquifies WAGNER’S rigid and stable monolith into a stream of forms, inferences and informations flowing without hierarchy; making room for you to jump in and float along.

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  • Concept, Production and Live Direction:

    Alexander Fahima

    Set Design:

    Matthew Bianchi

    Costume styling:

    Emmanuel Pierre

    Action Painting:

    Mauro Ventura

    Solo by:

    Steph Quinci

    Video Call Performance:

    Darian Mark, Lili Dobronyi


    Patrick Mason

    Dinner by:

    Generation Black

    Production Management:

    Leanne Mark and Jimmi Kriste


    Selin Davasse


    William Reiss

    Set Design Assistant:

    Olivia Ballard

    Video Artwork Assistant:

    Deividas Vytautasad

    AR Filter:

    Alexander Fahima


    Shem the Penman

    Health Advisor:

    Angelina Kolodzig


    Alyha, António, Alexander, Billy, Debora, Dor, Emmanuel, Fede, Ilias, Jimmi, Kenny, Lina, Matt, Mauro, Nas, Nefeli, Nix, Olivia, Oscar, Patrick, Pierre, Sh Se, Sheon Delista, Steph

    Produced by VOLKSBÜHNE BERLIN in collaboration with the NEMETSCHEK FOUNDATION for the Series ‘Armen Avanessian and Enemies’ at the ROTER SALON.