Shade Théret and Magdalena Mitterhofer: 


Next Waves Theater #19

JUNIPER is not afraid to talk to strangers but most importantly she desires to be known. Her story is an endless cycle of self dissection set against a lustrous urban landscape. JUNIPER paints ZELZAH on trains, tunnels and walls without embarrassment. ZELZAH is the ellipsis that dances her way through the city, trying to keep up with the show inside JUNIPER’S head.


Written, Directed & Performed by:

Shade Théret and Magdalena Mitterhofer

Camera & sound design by:

Alexander Iezzi

Sound by:

Emilie Palmelund

Special Thanks to:

Johanna Bennett, Alienor Oren

Produced by VOLKSBÜHNE BERLIN in collaboration with the NEMETSCHEK FOUNDATION for the Series ‘Armen Avanessian and Enemies’ at the ROTER SALON.