Hannah Maria Schmutterer: 

Dress Rehearsal



Recorded dress rehearsal for “Mondmuschel” on 14. - 18.12.2019 at High Street, Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland, Aotearoa / New Zealand.

In Collaboration with the UK-based musician Fauness, parts of the recording have been used for the trailer of the final play. Mondmuschel has been performed on 23.12.2019 @Wet Green with four performers and four new dresses.

The song “Girl in the Moon” has been written for the play and can be found on Fauness’s Debut album.


Dear Becky, [edited]

Please find attached the files for the dress rehearsal. I recorded the videos between the 14 -18.12. in my little lilac room up on High Street, after the late shift at Celeste. So, I guess they have a bit of a night vibe going on. Let me know what you think! And! I attached the pictures Jess took of the Performance. Super happy Kathy has been part of it – shame about Tegan, but I should have known. Do you think we can schedule the studio visits before we take our flight back to London? I think we might go back around February, so there’s still some time left. Talk to you soon! Come see me at the bar, Drinks on me (When Gatlin’s out hihi)

xx Hannah