Göksu Kunak: 

Saadet. Better YOU

Next Waves Theater #16

Welcome, we have a nice day.
Hope you are well. You look so healthy today.
Welcome. I am here to give you a gift:
The calm you need.
How is it possible to have better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety when 1 Euro is 9,44 TL?

What we can’t control,
Controls us.

“The body of every human on the planet now contains strontium-90.”
says Wikipedia
How do you feel now?
How do you feel about your life?
November 23
Feeling Unsure
I also feel down
I like cuddling
Saadet. (meaning happiness) is a video inspired by meditation and psychology apps; it’s a cartography of how emotions are perceived and dealt with in the mainstream neoliberal apps, advertisements, and business world. In an imaginary situation, the app is designed in Turkey to give calm and mindfulness(!) to South West Asia (The Middle East), providing guided journaling and AI-driven emotional analysis. The text hovers around the lingo of arms and toy manufacturers, porn websites, and beauty advertisements. In the video, by using the movement vocabulary, and timing of the Bloom App (a cognitive behavioral therapy app) host, Gucci Chunk gives tips on how to feel and manage emotions. By performing computer speech, advertisement, and announcement voice, the performer shifts from self-care, and productivity tips to uncanny advertisements of abdominal control shapewear or vitamins at a schizophrenic speed yet in a calm manner. Moreover, the video dwells on the issues around Westernization, absurdities of nationalism, and (self)Orientalism of the East.


Video and Performance:

Göksu Kunak

Video Consultation:

Ethan Folk

Sound mastering:

Laure M. Hiendl

Special Thanks to

Laure M. Hiendl, Mateusz Szymanówka, Anna Fries

Original Image:

Spyros Rennt

Image Design:

Göksu Kunak

Produced by VOLKSBÜHNE BERLIN in collaboration with the NEMETSCHEK FOUNDATION for the Series ‘Armen Avanessian and Enemies’ at the ROTER SALON.